Boyfriend Vashikaran Remedies

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Boyfriend Vashikaran Remedies

Boyfriend vashikaran remedies and boyfriend vashikaran totke are very effective for a a lover when you are in deep trouble by boyfriend. Today anyone can flirt or leave in between because today people are living in modern life style. In relationship sometime you can suffer from mental tension and sadness if you are dam serious about your love partner and in that kind of case when you see break up your life becomes so tensed and sad but before a time limit if you use boyfriend vashikaran remedies or vashikaran totke for boyfriend so you can control boyfriend by vashikaran totke and remedies easily and make him love you again. To do that vashikaran remedies to control boyfriend or vashikaran remedies to control boyfriend you need to have some basic knowledge of powerful boyfriend vashikaran remedies and strong boyfriend vashikaran totke. I am writing here some very powerful and strong totke and remedies for boyfriend in hindi and telugu tamil please read below for detail.

1. You can keep wore cloth of boyfriend inside heavy stone anytime and light mustard oil lamp over it and pray for 10 minutes, it increase anaxity in mind and nervous to meet you.

2. At any auspicious friday if you take the clay or dirt of the feet of boyfriend when he walks anywhere and having shoe even and sprinkle it any how over his head instant so that create strong influence over mind of boyfriend.

3. Boyfriend photo print at dark moon night and keep atleast 100 copies. and from dark moon night to next dark moon night daily burn one piece, before buring it, write 375 behind the photo and your desire below and om swaha below once again using black ink and burn one copy daily.

Boyfriend Vashikaran Remedies Totke

Boyfriend vashikaran remedies and tips are very helpful for general issues which arise between every couple alwyas and if without waiting, you apply the boyfriend vashikaran remedies over him so you can get your love life back and solve the dispute and problem easily without using any long vashikaran procedure. Boyfriend vashikaran remedies make your beloved in control without showing any sign or symptom. It is easy to use and work in all kind of problem.

1. If you cut the boyfriend hairs when he sleeps and burn 11 hairs with cloves into shamshan and bury there at any dark moon night so boyfriend never listen anyone else and obey your words. And if rest hairs you put into any amulet and wear in neck so he can become your slave and live in relationship so long as you want.

2. If your boyfriend trying to move on and living far away from you so in that case you should write 32 yantra over the used shirt of boyfriend and keep it under 8 bricks and light a mustard oil lamp from his name daily to make him come back.

3. If you take clay of boyfriend’s left feet at sunday or tuesday and make idol of him by adding extra clay and mixing the feet clay and daily put some honey drops and light ghee lamp over head of idol so desired boyfriend get attract again and accept your relationship.

4. Cut the nails of your hand, legs, cut 11 hairs of head, rub body from cotton to get some body smell and mix everything and burn it to get ash and that ash if you mix into boyfriend food and drinks when get chance so after 3-4 doses your boyfriend comes in full control easily but this remedy should be done when everything is normal. It is just to avoid any problem between love relationship.